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What are you thankful for? At WallPressions we are thankful for... The medical staff across the country who provide life giving healthcare. Our country's police who keep the nation safe. Our nation's armed forces who protect and defend our country. The firefighters who save thousands of lives. Teachers who put countless hours in to provide education…
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The History of Labor Day

While many Americans celebrate the first Monday in September with parades, barbecues and firework displays, there is much history to be noted. Labor Day is an annual celebration of workers and their achievements and contributions to the well-being of our country. Did you know that, in the 1800's Americans used to work 12 hour shifts, seven days…
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Dorm Room Decorating

Students are starting to move in to colleges and universities all over the country.  At WallPressions we know you are looking forward to decorating your dorm room, whether it your first time or your fourth time. WallPressions offers a variety of wall decals to decorate your space with! Our wall decals can be used on dorm…
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Be Aware: Do you Know Where your Products are Coming From?

In todays digital marketplace, counterfeit products are a major problem to business on Amazon. Just a little bit of background information for you. From CNBC's article, "Amazon's Chinese Counterfeit Problem is Getting Worse," author Ari Levy writes that, "sales from Chinese-based sellers more than doubled in 2015 on Amazon's marketplaces, while the company's total revenue increased 20 percent." "One issue…
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