Be Aware: Do you Know Where your Products are Coming From?

In todays digital marketplace, counterfeit products are a major problem to business on Amazon. Just a little bit of background information for you. From CNBC's article, "Amazon's Chinese Counterfeit Problem is Getting Worse," author Ari Levy writes that, "sales from Chinese-based sellers more than doubled in 2015 on Amazon's marketplaces, while the company's total revenue increased 20 percent."

"One issue that's enraged merchants is the proliferation of hijacked listings, where sellers suddenly see random names jump into their product page and start promoting the item for a cheaper price." Businesses are fighting an uphill battle-sellers in China that are selling replicas of a business's product at a lower price.

But, the problem here is, once a customer receives the product they find out its poor quality, different size from the listing price online, etc. and they leave a bad review because they aren't happy. Unfortunately, every bad review drags down the companies rating because the reviews are all together on that same page. Both the buyer and seller are suffering because of this growing concern.

So how can you make sure you aren't purchasing Chinese counterfeit products and taking business away from legitimate companies? Make sure it has the companies name as the "Seller Information" that you are wanting to purchase from, if you know the name. If you don't know the name, look at where it's being shipped from.

Example: If you are ordering wall decals from us, make sure it says WallPressions under seller information.



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